Maine Girls

“I’m hoping we will be more open to immigrants. We say we are the country of the free and open, but we’re not always open.”
Grace, Chinese-American student from Maine

“One thing I believe people should know is that we are not horrible people. We are not all terrorists.”
Zulequa, Muslim student from Somalia

How do you build trust and empathy among teenage girls who have grown up in places as geographically and culturally diverse as Somalia, Vietnam and suburban Maine? You start with music, food, dance and meaning-filled conversation. Maine Girls, a feature documentary film, follows 14 immigrant and non-immigrant girls participating in an innovative health program. Over eight weeks, they learn what it takes – and what it means – to make genuine friendships and lead by example.

Why It Matters?

With one million immigrants making their home in the U.S. annually, immigrant students are entering public schools in record numbers. Maine Girls explores this demographic shift through the lives and experiences of young women from the Congo, Jamaica, Somalia, Vietnam and Maine. Considered the “whitest” state in the nation, Maine offers a fitting backdrop for a film that takes place during the most anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim period in recent U.S. history. The 2016 presidential election and recent terrorists attacks have fueled mistrust, fear and violence against recent immigrants. Maine Girls illuminates how divided we are as a nation, while offering inspiration and concrete steps for healing.

How You Can Help?

With production complete, funding is needed to complete the film, and to create an effective outreach program which will be used to foster awareness and dialogue around the issues facing immigrant and non-immigrant youth as well as programs aimed at addressing their needs.

Tax deductible contributions can be sent to Stone Soup Productions at 1823 Jefferson Place NW, Washington, DC 20036.  Please indicate “Maine Girls” in the subject line.

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